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Education pages

The Rockingham Forest Historic Landscape Project opens the door to a wealth of material with great educational potential. This section is written for, and by, teachers and other educators to help you get the most from these opportunities for learning and teaching. Go to More about the Project to find out who was involved in the RFT Education Group and how we set about this task.

We hope that schools within the ancient Rockingham Forest area will be inspired to find out more about their distinct local heritage. Curriculum Links suggests how you could incorporate a Rockingham Forest element into your school curriculum.
We also hope that the ideas we have developed and tried out in the Case Studies will enliven your lessons and encourage you to get out of the classroom and into the landscape on an exciting journey of discovery!

The Resources section takes you straight to the new downloadable resources (virtual fieldtrips, power points and activity sheets) that the group created to support the case studies, as well as other useful links and references.

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