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Northamptonshire Landscape

The Reports published here are the result of work undertaken as part of the Rose of the Shires Project 2009 - 2012. The project was based upon detailed mapping of the medieval and early modern landscape of the pre-modern county of Northamptonshire that had been assembled in digital form over the last decade. We prepared this material for publication both online and in the form of a published Atlas, to make the evidence available to all. In parallel we worked with local communities in a series of six sample areas across the county. The objectives were to explore how, at a local level, this unique data set could be used to improve understanding and appreciation of the character, value and fragility of the historic landscape; to establish whether and, if so, how local communities might be able to contribute to the collection of data on the survival and condition of key aspects of the historic landscape; and finally to make recommendations as to management action that should be considered to conserve the most important aspects of the historic landscape.

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